Major Kevin Roberts

The Uniform Patrol Division is commanded by Major Brian Danekes. As Commander of the Uniform Patrol Division, Major Danekes is responsible for the efficient operation of the North Clayton Police Precinct, the South Clayton Police Precinct, the Traffic Unit, the Interdiction Unit, the Aviation Unit, the School Resource Officer Unit, Hit and Run Investigations Unit and all School Crossing Guards.

It is the responsibility of the Clayton County Police Department's Uniform Patrol Division to respond to all calls for police service within the unincorporated areas of Clayton County and within the City of Lovejoy. With more than sixty-five percent of all sworn officers in the department assigned to the 'Uniform Division', it is by far the largest and most visible component of the Clayton County Police Department. Officers of the 'Uniform Division' work in one of twenty beats within Clayton County and respond to over 200,000 calls for service per year generating nearly 65,000 reports. When not responding to calls for service, officers of the Uniform Patrol Division aggressively enforce the traffic laws of the State of Georgia and patrol their beats to ensure the safety of the citizens in the county. Assignments within the 'Uniform Division' include, but are not limited to: Patrol, D.U.I. Task Force, H.E.A.T. - Highway Enforcement of Aggressive Traffic and School Resource Officer.

Clayton County is divided into two Patrol Districts with ten beats in each district. The District One Precinct, or North Clayton Precinct is located at 6335 Church Street, Riverdale. The District Two Precinct, or South Clayton Precinct is located at 1669 Flicker Road, Jonesboro. During special events or serious incidents, the Clayton County Police Department's state-of-the-art Mobile Precinct and Command Center may be utilized.

Due to the high volume of emergency 911 calls received by the county, some non-priority reports may be handled by telephone allowing for Uniform Patrol Officers to remain in service to handle priority calls. Officers are assigned at the Central Headquarters 'Watch Office', the South Precinct 'Watch Office', and the North Precinct 'Watch Office' to handle telephone reporting. Since the Clayton County Police Department Crime Scene Unit processes crime scenes for latent evidence (fingerprints) it may not be necessary for a Uniform Patrol Officer to respond to the scene. Once a report has been generated by phone and if the scene requires processing for evidence, the Clayton County Police Department Crime Scene Unit will be dispatched to handle this. If you are in need of emergency police assistance, call '911'. If you need police assistance, but it is not an emergency, call 770-477-3550. If your case can be handled by telephone, your call will be transferred to the appropriate 'Watch Office' for assistance.

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