General Information

Nearly 1,000 people lose their lives every year in the U.S. due to red light violators.

In an effort to prevent devastating red light running accidents that cause injuries and fatalities to both drivers and pedestrians, Clayton County operates automated traffic enforcement cameras located at intersections throughout the County.

Beginning October 21, 2007, traffic cameras will record images of vehicles violating the red traffic signals. Violators will receive warning notices during the first 30 days of operation. Following this warning period, citizens violating the red traffic signal at intersections will receive notices with an associated civil monetary penalty of $70.

These programs have been found to:

• Reduce accidents and injuries
• Allow Police to focus on other safety issues
• Improve traffic flow
• Save Lives!

How Does it Work?

When a vehicle runs the red traffic signal, the camera systems capture three images of the violation:

1st Image - Shows the vehicle before the white stop line with traffic light red

2nd Image - Clearly shows that the vehicle has continued through the intersection while the traffic light is red - capturing all images of actual violations

3rd Image - Shows an up close image of the license plate

The system is only active when the traffic light is ‘red’ not yellow or green. Clayton County Police personnel review ALL violation images. Help protect citizens in Clayton County by obeying all traffic laws.

Questions & Answers Regarding This Citation
Why did I get this notice?
A vehicle, registered or leased to you, was photographed by an automated camera system monitoring an intersection controlled by a red light. Vehicles crossing the stop bar after the light turns red are automatically photographed. Superimposed on each photo is a data bar indicating the date, time, and location of the violation.
Is this notice a “Traffic Ticket?”
No. This notice is not considered a “moving violation.” It is a civil violation.
If someone else was driving my car, am I responsible to pay this?
No. You may be able to rebut the presumption that you, as the vehicle owner, were the driver of the vehicle at the time of the alleged violation if you 1) testify in open court that you were not the operator at the time of the alleged violation; 2) submit to the court, prior to the return date established on the notice, a certified copy of police report showing the vehicle was reported to the police as stolen prior to the time of the alleged violation; or 3) submit to the court, prior to the return established on this notice, a sworn notarized statement identifying the name of the operator of the vehicle at the time of the alleged violation.

The required affidavit can be downloaded here:
What if a company owns this vehicle and the violation was the responsibility of an employee?
The Company will be responsible for submitting an affidavit naming the employee driving the vehicle at the time the violation was incurred prior to the Date of Return shown on the notice (reverse side). The notice will then be issued to the employee.
How would I pay this notice in person?
You may pay this notice in person Monday - Friday, 8:00AM - 6:00PM at:

Clayton County Police Department
Records Clerk Window
7911 North McDonough Street
Jonesboro, GA 30236.

Acceptable forms of payment are the following: Money Order, Cashiers Check, Master Card or Visa.
Can I pay this notice online?
Yes, the fastest and easiest way to pay your notice is to pay online. Go to and logon with your Notice # and PIN shown in the red box on the front of your notice. Click the pay button. There is a $4.00 convenience fee.
Can I contest this traffic signal violation?
Yes, to contest this notice, follow the instructions printed on the back of your notice.
What happens if I ignore this notice?
Failure to pay the civil monetary penalty or appear in court, could cause a judgment to be assessed against you.
Can I contact someone if I have questions about this notice?
Yes. You may contact Customer Support at: 866-790-4111, Monday - Friday from 8:00AM - 5:00PM EST.

(770) 477-3747